Making excuses….

As athletes we often make excuses of why we haven’t trained, why we ate that extra cream cake or why we shortened a session. The answer is either time, energy, other commitments. The list is truly endless and that’s ok. Let me explain why;

If this isn’t a profession for you then let’s not forget this is a hobby. There is very little financial reward available for most and I’m guessing the cost of kit and race entries far outweigh the prize money. There is enjoyment to be had, fitness to be gained, health considerations and lets not forget those finish line feels!!

Life inevitably gets in the way and for me at least that’s ok. I have a coach, a training schedule and races booked but if I shorten a session or skip one for whatever reason he isn’t going to call me saying “Hey, what happened today?” because I pay him and he anticipates family may come into play (For me personally). As blunt as that may sound the only person you have to please is yourself!

I love training and pushing my body but I don’t fell like that always and I pretty much train in some form or another every day of the week. That being said I do feel terrible if I have a red session on training peaks (if you know, you know). That is my biggest motivator to getting it done because it looks bad on me. It is motivation and works. Do whatever works for you.

That being said everyone has their ups and downs and I take social media with a pinch of salt because like myself everyone posts what they want you to see! The bad times are rarely published unless in support and again that’s ok. Post a negative outlook, that too is fine. As long as you whatever you are struggling with you have support or are reaching out to those that you love I am ok with it. If you don’t have that support please get in touch with me!! I wont get into it but through my employer I have done courses on mental health and happy to help where I can.

My triathlon hobby is something I am proud of and many of my friends and family ask how do I do it and I answer them because I love it…

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