Name Change!!!

This blog was created to go along side my YouTube channel which was named as you can guess RaceTechTri.

This channel wasn’t working for me and I found it too restrictive for what I could achieve being a one man band and filming myself.

There are some great triathlon channels out there and they know who they are but not one of them films themselves and this is super powerful in terms of creating buttery smooth content that people want to watch. I could do it myself I guess but setting up a tripod, filming, moving it and filming again to create the shots I just don’t have the time for that and I think it showed in my videos as no one was watching or subscribing!

With that comes a new direction, new name and a new domain ( should be live and working.

From this The Everyday Lad is born! A name which broadens my channel, lets me film everything and anything while still fitting under the banner. I wont lie, RaceTechTri was stressing me out because the content was so hard to keep consistent and entertaining with just one person so something had to give.

The relief I can feel and the content will be flowing believe me.

With that please watch my first video on the new channel explaining the change in more detail.

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