So let me begin by saying my drone (DJI Mavic Air 2) shoots in 4K up to 60fps, my 360 camera (Insta360 One R) shoots in 5.3K up to 30fps so you may have guessed what is missing in my 4K line up. My Main Camera.

Lets fly back a few months when I originally decided to start this blog and also my YouTube vlog channel RaceTechTri. I wanted a 4K camera but the price was just too much. I had the money but couldn’t justify the purchase. Ending up with the brilliant Canon EOS 700d as a starter camera I was pleased, but after some use I noticed the flaws in the older camera which were limiting for me. No 4K, low ISO, fairly large being a DSLR and poor autofocus were my mine gripes.

Back to the present and a camera which I looked at before has dropped in price! I can get a discount from a retailer that I selling at this great price through work making it almost a bargain. It is not cheap in the sense of the word but I got a great price, that make sense!

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to the Sony A6400 mirrorless APS-C beast! I have the standard 16-50mm kit lens but so far its doing a great job for me. The autofocus is incredibly fast including an eye and face detection point. It shoots 4K 24fps and can do 1080p 120fps slow motion footage which is really cool (Mavic air 2 can do 240fps at 1080p).

This is a massive step up from the 700d and I cannot wait to start shooting content with it.

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