Blogging/Vlogging Enjoyment

I have always liked jumping in at the deep end, getting stuck in and learn along the way. This is what I did in the case of Blogging and Vlogging.

You start with an idea of what you would like to talk about or show and that just grows and grows as you get more into it. Let me try to explain…

My initial idea was to document my triathlon training and racing but I thought that was a niche field and could soon end up getting tedious for me and you the viewer. I love technology and always have. Buying the latest tech from TV’s to drones to building gaming PC’s to triathlon kit even, worlds your oyster. So as you imagine that is where the name came from, RaceTechTri.

Wanting to be different but not too out there was the aim. It is too early to tell if I have been successful in terms of subscriptions, video likes and even monetisation. For me this isn’t a job. I am not doing it to make more nor am I interested in gaining millions of followers. If that happens then great but if not, no big deal. The enjoyment and reward for me comes from being able to film from various media, put it all together and think you know what this really could be worse. It’s a hobby!

I have all the gear and with that probably no idea but I am willing to learn and enjoy the process along the way. Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that.

My third blog shall be out on YouTube tonight. Please check it out!

The forth is already in the works and I am beginning to understand the software I use, cut clips to the beat of music and put together a better production. Number 4 will be my best yet I promise you!

With that, take care, stay safe. Catch you in the next one.

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