My First Vlog!!

So my first YouTube video is now out and I’m not sure if I like it!

In the end I was trying to be too clever and make something which in reality wasn’t really possible and made no sense. Hear me out!

Recently I saw someone that I follow on Instagram (no names) post their first YouTube video and when I watched it I though this is pretty good and I should do the same thing. Get all my footage together and get a video out there!

Now for me although the content was in that video the transitions etc. were too basic for me and with Davinci Resolve being available for free and having a fairly decent PC setup (future post right there) it made sense to get everything into there and start having a play. After watching a YouTube video on basic editing on the software I got cracking and after an hour or so you have what I have uploaded.

It isn’t what I wanted for my first video. Its a bit all over the place but that’s inexperience for you I guess. Not to be too hard on myself there are some positive.

If you would like to watch it please do, link below.

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