Pain(Gain) Cave

I use the smallest bedroom in my house to store and use my indoor equipment and what a great space it is for getting a sweat on and smashing a training session.

I have just bought a shed and I’m unsure whether to convert that into a training or somewhere to store my lawnmower!

My setup is pretty basic. It comprises of a Wahoo Kickr Core turbo trainer and a JLL Fitness T350 treadmill. Both are great bits of equipment at great prices especially my treadmill!

Lets start with my turbo trainer and cycling in general. My favourite discipline and arguably my best in terms of time. When buying a turbo trainer I wasn’t sure what to get or which brand. Most of defined by the amount of watts they can handle and also the gradient in which they portray in applications such as Zwift.

Zwift is amazing for indoor cycling and they have broadened their horizons significantly especially since Covid-19 took its strong hold. But lets not be downbeat. There are plenty of Zwift enabled turbo trainers on the market and that leads me to talk about the Wahoo Kickr Core.

This trainer will do everything the average cyclist needs and save you a couple hundred pounds over the full bore Kickr. It doesn’t do much more and the power/gradient advantages it offers are just not needed for most cyclists. The one thing it does have that the core doesn’t is a cadence meter but I have power meter pedals so no problem for me but please bare this in mind. (Wahoo sell a cadence meter for £30, I think)

My treadmill, good old indoor treadmill. Its not particularly expensive for a treadmill. It can reach 18kph and it has decent motor capacity. I’m not sure what else I can say about a treadmill in all honestly. Two things you should look for when buying a treadmill are motor CHP (continuous horse power) and running deck size.

My treadmill has great power thanks to advanced electronics where it can adjust the power based on speed and the weight of the individual running. What it lacks is a wide running deck. At 41cm wide thing thing is pretty narrow but its something you get used to. It is a negative because if you got your tape measure out it really isn’t that wide!

That being said I would recommend this treadmill because it is built well, quiet, after sales support is brilliant and at 18kph that is fast for its price point.

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