Camera Kit

Now this is a tricky subject for a lot of people especially like me who are just getting started. You want YouTube videos and you hear ISO, shutter speed, aperture and all sorts of other tech jargon which if like me you have no clue (but want to find out) what they are talking about but with everything there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

I already have a Insta360 One R which is a modular action camera meaning you can have a 4K ultra wide angle lens attached, a 360 degree lens or a 1 inch Leica lens. I have the 4K and 360 degree lens and it has a modular attachment with a front screen so perfect for vlogging but its not all roses.

4K lens on the left. 360 on the right

While it does all that the onboard audio is terrible so you have to buy a mic adaptor and a mic. I ended up going the Rode Wireless Go. While this isn’t cheap it is great for pretty much any camera or situation and the option to be able to input a lavalier mic is the cherry on the top. Now there is no hot shoe on the Insta360 One R as you would expect you have to buy a different mounting cage. I got the one by Insta360 and it does the job. More than one hot shoe would be better though for attaching a light for example. Im sure other companies will come along like PGYtech and make one.

You do have to take the door off of the camera to insert the adaptor which means it isn’t waterproof now but lets be honest neither is the mic so for underwater you would take all that off anyway! I also bought a Ulanzi rechargeable light (that I can’t attach right now) to make a great vlog setup but and there is one big but that I don’t like.

Any action camera has permenant auto focus because if your are skiing down a mountain or filming someone swimming you need everything to be in focus but for vlogging you don’t. You want that blurred background effect and for that you need a camera that does auto/manual auto focus where you can change the aperture and let more light in.

I want a 4K rig to match the Insta360 but after some research just like TV’s, not all 4K is the same quality. Action cameras have small sensors and as such the 4K quality can not match any mirrorless or full frame camera on the market but that comes with a price. A price which when starting out I don’t want to pay. So after some research I have a bought a Canon 700D.

Canon EOS 700D with Rode Wireless Go

This a 7/8 year old camera but it has everything that I need. Mic input without adaptor, 1080P 24/25/30fps video, articulating screen so I can see myself and the option to change lenses. I picked one up with 2 batteries, standard 18-55mm STM lens and a battery extender cradle for £210 here in the UK which is a great price. I am going to look at getting something like a 10-18mm F4.5 lens and maybe a 50mm F1.8 lens and that really will give me the flexibility to do great things with this camera.

For now that is my camera setup. Anyone that follows me on Instagram (steve_07) will know that I bought a DJI Mavic Air 2 and the main reason was for the active track and the advances that tech has made over the years. After a few runs and rides with it following me I have to be honest and say it wasn’t really that good and the footage was not great either so for such a high buying price I decided to sell it and recoup some money. Its the best drone in its class right now for the money but at the end of the day for me it didn’t suit my needs. For that I think I need the Skydio 2…….

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