Hoka One One

So lets start by saying its not Hoka 1 1 like I thought but oneeeee oneeeee and yes that sounds better. They make some awesome running shoes and the Clifton range is no exception! The Clifton 7 may be out but I currently run with Clifton 6 and they are great. Offer superb comfort, great breathability and support which for me is just what I need.

I would say for anyone looking at buying running shoes please go to a shop and get some analysis done of your running style and your gait. That way you can match a pair to you, as lets face it they aren’t cheap and if they are the wrong fit they are going to cause potential injuries plus most shops offer the fitting service free when you buy a pair. Forget about the brand that’s not really relevant what is is what works best for you. All these carbon shoe’s like the Nike Vapour Fly are all well and good and no doubt they are great but my god are they expensive and I know for me personally they probably aren’t that good although they do look amazing.

Bottom line is, get what suits your feet and running style, forget what look the best as at the end of the day they won’t make you faster…..

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